Here are a few of the surnames that we have information about. Feel free to email us if you wish to inquire about them or have more information on the surname.

Surname State County  Contact
Armstead VA Caroline E-mail
Callaway NJ E-mail
Callaway VA E-mail
Edwards GA Taitiaferro E-mail
Hamilton NY Erie E-mail
Hamilton VA E-mail
Howell NJ Essex E-mail
Howell WV E-mail
Miller PA Alleghany E-mail
Miller VA Nottaway E-mail
Tolar NJ Essex E-mail
Barnett NY New York E-mail
Thompson NY New York E-mail
Washington MA NSuffolk E-mail
Tilford MA Suffolk E-mail
Kelly SC Charleston E-mail
Yates SC Charleston E-mail
Johnson SC Charleston E-mail
Burt GA Chatham E-mail
Roberts GA Bibs E-mail
Roberts SC Richland E-mail
Wynne GA Bibs E-mail
Wynne SC Richland E-mail
Dixon SC Richland E-mail
Cannon SC Richland E-mail
Reeves NJ Monmouth E-mail
Smack MD Worcester E-mail
Edwards GA Douglas E-mail
Norman VA Essex E-mail
Aliston SC Beaufort E-mail
Alston SC Beaufort E-mail
Lawton SC Beaufort E-mail
Atkins SC Beaufort E-mail
Scott SC Beaufort E-mail
Pelham NC Rockingham E-mail
Voillians NC Rockingham E-mail
Mills NC Rockingham E-mail
Boyd NC Rockingham E-mail
Cooper NC Rockingham E-mail
Riley SC Summerville E-mail
Tucker SC Summerville E-mail
Newton SC Summerville E-mail
Smilley VA E-mail
Smilley MD E-mail
Smilley NJ E-mail
Polk DE E-mail
Polk NJ E-mail
Whitaker NC E-mail
Heculin NC E-mail
Robert GA E-mail
Farmer GA E-mail
Robert GA E-mail
Stapleton GA E-mail
Stone GA E-mail
Stone NJ E-mail
Jones NY New York City E-mail
Ingram NC Richmond E-mail
Dawkins NC Richmond E-mail